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Our Mission


Dale Carnegie of CNY improves individual and business performance across 22 counties in Central New York.  Our focus is on workforce training that provides measurable results and business impact.  We pride ourselves on being the best professional development company and the only one that is college accredited.  Our goal is to empower our clients to outpace their competition through their people time and time again.




A team taking the Dale Carnegie course together will be coached on the same structures and systems for communication, problem solving and conflict resolution.



Participants become more aware of the impact their performance has on the entire team and in turn the whole organization.



Participants are exposed to situations which increase their respect and value for other co-workers. They are taught peer coaching skills and it results in stronger team cohesion.

Professional Group Therapy Thursdays on 93Q

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Dale Carnegie of CNY Excellence

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We see your spark. We see the inherent abilities hidden within you. We help you with the hard stuff- the things that hold you back, the skills that really matter.

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Some of our Clients

Mohawk Global Logistics



TCG Player

Dumac Systems


SRC, Inc

Meier Supply

United Radio




"It has been an amazing few weeks learning about some invaluable principles to live by. I’m truly feeling more confident than I ever have." - Jack Ryan, Cumulus Media (93Q)

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Teams Win!

Thinking of sending a team to the Dale Carnegie® Class? Teams are dynamic, ever- evolving workplace entities. If your team is continually building on the strengths of the individual team members, and 

building structure and efficiency in its processes, it will achieve greater and greater success. Strengthen the sense of common purpose with our volume rates. We will help use the powerful forces of values and vision to unite your team and give it direction! Ask about our volume discount! 



I would like to take the Dale Carnegie® Course. What is the next step? Download the enrollment form and email is to Diana.wolgemuth@dalecarnegie.com

What forms of payment do you accept? We take all major credit cards and we can also invoice your company if they are sponsoring you. Email sheila.dion@dalecarnegie.com for more information.

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