Being the leader of a team, communication skills are central to a projects coordination and success. How would it feel to:

Build your self-confidence

Communicate more effectively with clients 

Build rapport and strengthen relationships

Give positive feedback to co-workers and employees

Build a higher level of personal leadership

Empathize with others

Manage stress and worry


Dale Carnegie® professional development has been accredited by ACCET since 1978 and as a result, graduates will each receive CEU’s. More importantly you will have an exceptional learning experience that improves your career—and your life! 


Professional Developement

Professional Association Relationships

CEU Accreditations Pamphlet (pdf)


Critical thinking

We live in a world that’s evolving at a mind-boggling pace, surrounded by so much information we can’t possibly consume it all. Studies suggest that the digital universe of information doubles every two years. More importantly, the volume of information and number of decisions we confront have real consequences, as scientists have discovered that humans can actually suffer from decision overload. In fact, being faced with many decisions, regardless of whether they are inconsequential or important, creates “neural fatigue”. Read more here