Accelerate your career with Dale Carnegie of CNY

Convince your manager

You want to attend a Dale Carnegie Class.  You know it will help you work smarter, and accelerate your career. All you need to do is convince your boss. We’ve put together a list of tools that can help you get approval to attend.

In order to ensure your company's return on investment why not send an email like this to your boss: “I saw that there is a Dale Carnegie® class happening in Syracuse. It is led by certified instructors and I am sure I can get a lot our of it and bring back some valuable information to my co workers! I would be willing to host a brown-bag lunch when I complete the course so my co-workers can share the most valuable information I’ve learned from the event.”

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Discover the top 5 reasons to enroll in the Dale Carnegie® Skills for Success class. Download customized templates and start the approval process. 


Ignite your passion for selling


We work together to find your strategic intent

We help you develop a clear strategic vision, first by outlining a strategic vision for your organization, then uncovering the hurdles we may face in arriving at your desired destination. It’s really those hurdles that we need to clear. 

We determine your organizational needs

Now that we know what hurdles you face, let’s have an honest conversation to understand where your business stands today, so we can better drive toward your goals. Once the bar is set, and a plan is in place, we can develop custom training solutions that support your organization’s specific needs. 

We involve absolutely everyone

We check in with employees at all levels to hear their thoughts on your overall company vision, find competency gaps that need to be closed, and discover attitudes that can support or undermine change, because positive change is a team effort.

We innovate positive change

Dale Carnegie Training changes people so they can change their organizations, which then changes the world. Progress is propelled by the power of transformation, and that begins within. Our training solutions provide measurable results and map directly to the competencies we’ve identified to achieve your corporate initiatives through your people. 

We impact results

Our training is known to ignite long-term behavior change, and fuel emotional and intellectual engagement in businesses of all sizes. Dale Carnegie’s unique results-driven methods have endured around the world for over a century. We’re determined to drive your organization toward its goals.