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Skills for Success®


This time phased program designed for individuals and teams enables participants to become effective at achieving personal and organizational goals and objectives. The participants meet weekly for 3.5 hour sessions. In between the sessions, they have the opportunity to apply practical tools learned in class in their daily interactions and then return to class to share their experiences and receive coaching. The results are individuals who are more self-confident, productive, and motivated.

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Leadership Excellence


 In this program participants learn key manager processes that enable them to be more effective and successful in their role.     

This program also includes an Innovation Project which provides focused opportunities to apply the manager processes as well as the tools and principles learned in the Skills to Success program.  This project can be formally presented to a participant’s organization for approval which may drive process improvement in a given area that will save on resources and generate profitability.

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Presentation Mastery


The ability to give an effective presentation in the workplace is a crucial skill that every employee should possess. Our training provides courses for effective presentation skills, and our modules provide the knowledge and tactics that empower you to communicate confidently and competently to all types of audiences. 


Spring Promotion

Many of our clients have benefited from having their team experience the Dale Carnegie program together.
Benefits include:

*Teams share a common language and common approaches to various business situations

*Increased team cohesion

*Breaking down silos across departments

*Stronger Relationships

*Higher levels of productivity and efficiencies

To express our appreciation to companies enrolling a team in the Spring Skills for Success® course, we are excited to offer a complementary workshop:

*with 4 enrollments to the Spring Class-  a one hour program for up to 25 people on the topic of your choice at your facility $2000.00 value (includes training and materials)

*with 6 enrollments to the Spring Class- a 2 hour program for up to 25 people on the topic or your choice at your facility $2750.00 value (includes training and materials)

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