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"The Dale Carnegie team recently wrapped up an onsite training they had put together for our employees in the foremen position. We had about 15 team members participate in the class. The class was designed to teach leadership skills, delegation and motivation. The last class testimonials from these guys were so inspirational to listen to. This class has really transformed our team and how they interact with each other. We are already planning on having more employees take additional Dale Carnegie training. Thank you Leslie and Diana for all of your guidance!"

Kerie H. Albano

Human Resources Manager

O.W. Hubbell & Sons, Inc.

Di Highway Sign & Structure Corporation

Hermosa Corporation


Teamworld, Inc.


Steve Wozniak, President

“We have provided many training programs for our employees in the past and the Dale Carnegie program is, by far, the best.”  

Joe Campanella, Vice President

"We’ve conducted a number of employee-centered skill building initiatives, and none have created the level of self-awareness and behavioral impact that Dale Carnegie has. It’s exciting and rewarding to see how much people’s self-confidence and communication skills grow in such a short period of time


Mohawk Global Logistics


I have enrolled in other trainings and classes with other companies and offerings. I can honestly say the information, practices, and knowledge learned in The Dale Carnegie Skills to Success Course far exceeds any other previous teaching. I sincerely believe the difference between this course and other offerings, at least in my opinion, is how the instructor(s) help each attendee relate to the material. It’s exciting, energetic and keeps you engaged from start to finish. I would highly recommend this course to any individual looking to better themselves both from both a personal and professional state of mind.  Anthony Kozdemba | Senior Domestic Coordinator

Mohawk Global Logistics Corporation | Syracuse Hancock Int’l Airport


Indium Corporation


Dale Carnegie’s in-house training program is the perfect tool to help Indium Corporation achieve our commitment to investing in the future of our employees and our company. The program’s elements align perfectly with the Indium Way – our company’s guiding principles of respect, appreciation, and achievement.
Dale Carnegie training brings together individuals from disparate parts of our global company and helps establish working relationships outside the boundaries of daily roles. This enhances and strengthens our products and services, our business processes and communication channels, and our culture as it relates to our peers, our customers, and our community.  Dawn Roller, Director HQ Services, Indium Corp.



HP Hood


I started my career at HP Hood right out of MBA School and I was eager and driven to climb the ladder. I had wanted to take on as many tasks and projects as I could with the hopes of gaining recognition and respect. The Dale Carnegie 12 week combination leadership program allowed me to see things different. The program helped me improve my presentation skills, offered new ways to effectively communicate with different types of personalities, and reinforced the importance of feedback through a strength-centered approach. Most of all however, it showed me the true definition of an effective leader. It is not merely about volunteering to take the lead on a project or offering to take on more tasks. Rather, an effective leader fulfills their own needs by leading by example, listening and reacting to the needs of those they work with and empowering and motivating them without failing to compliment or reward. For me, as a young professional starting my career path in a growing department, understanding and recognizing this was crucial. Dale Carnegie has given me the tools and knowledge to gain greater success at HP Hood. Andrea Dishaw, CPIM Operations Analyst II HP Hood LLP

People Productivity & Performance

Are people really a company’s most valuable asset? It is quite common to hear executives say that they are, but as nice as it sounds, the comment is not quite accurate. According to Jim Collins, in his often quoted book Good to Great, 1 this business axiom is seriously flawed because the emphasis should be on “the right people” rather than just people in general. Read more when you sign up here:




It has been an amazing few weeks learning about some invaluable principles to live by. I’m truly feeling more confident than I ever have. Jack Ryan, Cumulus Media (93Q)



Precision Systems


One of our managers went through the Dale Carnegie program and he has done a complete 180.  He is now more positive, clearly communicates his ideas and thoughts, connects well with other employees, and because he can handle various difficult situations that come up on a daily basis, it has freed up my time to take care of the Plant Operations.  We have an extremely fast-paced environment and having this manager perform at this high of level has made a big difference for me and Precision Systems as a whole.  -Bob Woodruff, VP Operations, Precision Systems



Clear Path for Veterans


Dale Carnegie offers the "reverse boot camp" that we've all been looking for our Veterans.  The military takes 8 - 16 weeks to get you ready for combat and your job, but only a few days to get you ready to return to the civilian world.  Dale Carnegie training is the solution to the problem and I believe that all Veterans will be better equipped for success after their service ends if given the opportunity to attend. Earl Fontenot, Clear Path for Veterans

Connect with people to create a foundation of trust

In his book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” Dale Carnegie described three stages of professional business interactions for building productive work relationships. These stages include building or strengthening relationships, enhancing teamwork, and influencing employees’ ownership of change. Employing the principles recommended by Dale Carnegie provides managers with the tools to become more effective team leaders. Read more by signing up here:




When I started the Dale Carnegie program I was eager to improve my communication skills and reduce stress. During the 8 week program I was able to breakthrough in these areas that were affecting my professional life. It was such a nice experience; they have great instructors that provide you powerful tools that will ensure success in your career and personal life. Vanessa Ramirez, Supervising Engineer Space & Defense Group, Anaren, Inc.



United Radio


I would like to say that the Dale Carnegie course that my employee participated in has greatly improved his self-confidence. When he interfaces with fellow employees, there is direct eye contact. I also see him interface with employees on a personal level, which enhances his confidence level as well as his comfort level when communicating with fellow peers. I do believe that he utilizes these skills both in and outside of United Radio from personal situations that he has shared with me. I am very pleased to see he has had such a rewarding outcome and the self-satisfaction in the short time since his graduation. Roger Fish, Ford Service Manager, United Radio 





I would like to thank your organization for helping 3 of my direct reports develop their people skills which had a positive impact on their personal and professional lives. The Dale Carnegie program is comprehensive which helped each of the three employees receive different benefits based on their background and needs. In particular, the increased self-awareness, self-confidence, and action-oriented exercises helped them to hone in their newly acquired skills. I should also mention that two of the employees attended the course in Syracuse, NY while the third employee attended the course in New Jersey. Attending the graduations at each location was an uplifting experience for me and I have to congratulate your organization for hand-picking the course moderators and program contents. Regardless of where the course was held and the attendee’s backgrounds, the moderators were very engaged in each person’s personal growth. I would like to once again thank you and the Dale Carnegie organization for enriching these people’s lives and helping them embrace the challenges ahead. Ephraim Schayek, O’Brien & Gere

Brad Kubiak, O'Brien & Gere

Listen to Brad talk about how having his co-worker participate in the world-renowned Dale Carnegie class impacted his whole team!


West Taft Family Care


The principles of Dale Carnegie have changed my life at home and my life at work – especially in the way I approach difficult situations and challenging people. By applying the principles I have learned, my stress level has plummeted! Invest in this class – your return is priceless!  West Taft Family Care



Ephesus Lighting


The Dale Carnegie Skills to Success Course has been instrumental in the development and growth of my communication skills for my professional career. The program helped me rethink the way in which I engage in interactions with my colleagues and peers on a daily basis, thus allowing me to have more meaningful interactions and develop deeper relationships and connections. The Dale Carnegie of CNY team has been nothing short of outstanding during my 8 weeks in the program. The energy brought each and every week by the course instructor group was truly motivational and key to the success of my time in this program. I will certainly sign up for additional programs offered by Dale Carnegie of CNY.”  Dan DeLand, Sales Rep, Ephesus Lighting


Baille Lumber


The value of taking the Dale Carnegie course for me has been extremely significant.  To be honest, I have to admit at first I was skeptical and wasn’t sure this class would be for me, but I found myself looking forward to it every week even though I was really pushed out of my comfort zone.  The principles taught by the instructors not only helped me become a better leader but a better person.  Learning how to approach people and to talk to them in a positive manner as well as being more approachable has already paid great dividends. My subordinates as well as my peers have been much more willing to cooperate and I have learned how to do a more effective job “growing people” by giving praise and recognition. This has also reduced my stress and the stress of others.  I have become a positive influence on my employees as their supervisor by engaging with them more and getting to know them better as individuals outside the workplace. I know this is a process and things are not all going to change overnight but this has been a huge step in the right direction. I also learned a great deal by interacting with the other class participants and listening to their reports.  Many of them have been challenged by the same issues I have had through the years and it was very helpful to hear how they handled these issues.  I felt like I was not alone in struggling with some aspects of being a supervisor. I am so glad I was given the opportunity to take this class and would recommend it to anyone! Kip A. Bourgeois, Sawmill Superintendent, Baillie Lumber 

Lynn Hy- Central NY Food Bank

Here is why Lynn is thrilled with the Dale Carnegie class and how it is helping the food bank with their succession planning.


Mohawk Global Logistics


As a relatively young manager and leader, taking Dale Carnegie has been a great resource. The class taught me many skills that I believe have allowed me to be a more effective leader. Since taking the class there have been countless situations where I have been able to go back to something I learned in Dale Carnegie and apply it to ensure a positive outcome. Some of those skills learned or improved include empathy, gaining willing cooperation from others and dealing with stress. Dale Carnegie leadership classes have made me a better communicator, better listener, and better leader. Wayne J. Wolfe, Domestic Department Manager, Mohawk Global Logistics


Precision Systems


If you want to open people up to the possibilities that life and work offer, and gain the positive impact it will have on your business, I highly recommend learning about the Dale Carnegie program. 

Ted Jeske, President, Precisions Systems Mfg., Inc.



“Leslie is first class and remarkably capable at coaching and fine tuning critical presentations. We have her back at the College of Law on a regular basis” – Jack Rudnick, Professor of Practice, Director of Science & Technology Law Center at Syracuse University



“I have been using the principles that you taught us and have been seeing great results!  One of my biggest issues was with another supervisor that I work very closely with.  I found it very difficult most days to even be around him.  Today is a different story!  We work together on a regular basis and our interaction now is much better and far more efficient! I honestly thought I would never see the day where that situation would get better, but I am so thankful that it has!”   Tim Wormuth, Supervisor, Greene Lumber

Don Quinn- Mohawk Global

Here is how the Dale Carnegie program aligns with the values at MGL: